Thursday, March 27, 2008

Six Thinking Hats For Problem-Solving

Six Thinking Hats provides a wonderful framework for problem solving. It helps teams identify the differences between problems and opportunities and allows them to look at each in a systematic manner.

Participants will learn a process that simplifies thinking by allowing them to deal with one aspect of a problem at a time. With Six Thinking Hats you’ll separate out the different aspects of thinking and focus as a team in parallel on the information known or needed (white hat), the benefits (yellow hat), then the risks (black hat), then feelings (red hat) about an issue, and so on. This process helps lay out all views of a problem side by side in parallel and then design a way forward. Six Thinking Hats also stimulates innovation using specific techniques to generate solutions to problems. We call this green hat thinking.

Six Thinking Hats is a powerful problem solving tool because it puts everyone in meetings on an equal playing field, keeps egos in check, depersonalizes criticism, and creates an open environment that encourages the unique contributions of each individual, even those who are typically more reserved.

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