Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Six Thinking Hats = the Life of a Data Scientist

Debleena Roy posted a real world example of how the Six Thinking Hats help make her successful in the Data Scientist world. See the correlation between the Six Thinking Hats and the needs of a data scientist.

  1. White Hat
    1. de Bono: Calls for information
    2. Data Scientist Needs: Data, just data
  2. Blue Hat
    1. de Bono: Manage the thinking process
    2. Data Scientist Needs: Generate insights from the cartloads of data
  3. Black Hat
    1. de Bono: Negative or skeptical
    2. Data Scientist Needs: Develop his/her hypothesis
  4. Yellow Hat
    1. de Bono: Positive or optimism
    2. Data Scientist Needs: Survival tool in the highs and lows of the data valley
  5. Red Hat
    1. de Bono: Feelings or intuition
    2. Data Scientist Needs: Call it trial and error or "red hat"
  6. Green Hat
    1. de Bono: Creativity or alternative ideas
    2. Data Scientist Needs: Think outside of his/her self-made data box
The above sequence is a real world example of how the Six Thinking Hats impacts the world everyday. de Bono Consulting's challenge to you is what hat's will impact your world for the better.