Monday, September 18, 2006

de Bono sighting in book: The Ten Faces of Innovation

On page 80 of The Ten Faces of Innovation by Tom Kelley, Kelley mentions Edward de Bono and lateral thinking while discussing the Fosbury Flop: "creativity guru Edward de Bono called it "Lateral thinking" - looking at an issue from a completely different perspective."

The Fosbury Flop was developed in 1965 by Dick Fosbury, and is the method used today by high-jumpers. The traditional style of high-jumping involved throwing one foot over, followed by leg, thigh, stomach, head and then trailing foot. Fosbury went against traditional thinking and the best advise of his coaches to develop his "flop." Fosbury went on to win an Olympic gold medal with a jump of 7' 4 1/4".

Kelley says "I can't think of a better moral for those interested in innovation. The next time someone tells you no one's done it that way before, or that it sounds like a crazy idea, ask them if they know the story of the Fosbury Flop."

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