Wednesday, September 06, 2006

New Innovation Course: Simplicity

Simplicity is Dr. Edward de Bono's newest course, based on Dr. de Bono's book "Simplicity" (1999).

What is Simplicity?

A system naturally experiences incremental changes over time that increases its complexity. You make the best of a current system by adding components as needed. Eventually, the system will become too complex and will require redesign.

As the rate of change accelerates, systems can become complex very quickly. However, no one group is responsible for reducing complexity, and not much progress is made in achieving simplicity.

Complexity bogs down progress by:

  • Slowing development
  • Wasting resources and dollars on inefficiency
  • Increasing errors
  • Causing chaos and stress
  • Becoming reliant on “experts” to operate unnecessary complex systems
  • Wasting time, talent, and resources

Simplicity Course Description

Simplicity is a powerful training program designed to develop highly skilled Simplicity Teams. Through a combination of fast-paced, highly interactive exercises, your team will learn 10 rules for success in making work simpler, as well as a specific process that leads to simplicity.

Participants will receive immediate feedback and coaching during job-related exercises and will complete assignments in the evening. Various Lateral Thinking techniques are incorporated into the Simplicity workshop to help your team focus on ways to remove, replace, and restructure in order to achieve Simplicity.

Simplicity Course Objectives
  1. Appreciate the value that a focus on simplicity offers to an organization, its employees, vendors, clients, and stakeholders
  2. Gain in-depth knowledge of the simplicity tools
  3. Learn to maximize the power of each tool
  4. Practice applying the Simplicity tools to real issues
  5. Develop plans for creating a formal focus on simplicity in your organization

The Simplicity Team

A Simplicity Team is made up of various individuals within an organization who are formally trained in the Simplicity methods.

The Simplicity Team designates a Simplicity team leader, or organizer, who is responsible for the output of meetings and communicating this output to the people who need it. It is also helpful to have others within your organization trained in the simplicity methods, as they may be nee to work with the Simplicity Team as a subject matter or area expert.

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